Wheel Women social rides

On this weeks program Chris catches up with Tina McCarthy from Wheel Women, topics include almost ten years since we first spoke, creating rides for women, skills and confidence to get women on their bikes and future goals.

Tina discusses issues regarding cycling infrastructure design processes, particularly the Westgate Freeway Veloway (‘Limited escape routes on new Melbourne bike path a safety risk to women, cyclists say‘, 5 March 2023), womens perceptions of personal safety in public space, a lack of understanding of about designing fit for purpose cycling infrastructure for different types of riders and working towards inclusive city design.

Local news includes Response to Footscray Road cyclist fatality after Angus Collins‘ death in February 2023, due to public opinion and the cycling communities response

Program music:

Cycling is fun – Shonen Knife

People are people – Depeche Mode

Bicycle – filous feat. klei