Protecting the Shrine to Sea Project: on this weeks program, Chris catches up with Julie Clutterbuck from Port Philip Bicycle Users Group about the Shrine to Sea project, their recent media release ‘Community groups call for seperated bike lanes on Kerferd Road’, along with The Heart Foundation, Victoria Walks, Port Phillip Emergency Climate Action Network (PECAN), Bicycle Network, Disability Resource Centre and Better Streets for Victoria and Australia.

Supporters of Kerferd Road bike lane gathering on the median of Kerferd Road, May 2023. Image: Michael Hossen

Julie discusses the Shrine to Sea project prospectus that included seperate bike infrastructure, Kerferd Road safely issues, traffic modelling, community panel, biodiversity, local resident opposition who apparently believe they are the only stakeholders that should be listened to in regards to Kerferd Road usage, broadening conversation to local climate change concerns and a reminder how Lisa Nelville stood up to City of Greater Geelong to retain the Malop Street Green Spine.

Update 23 May 2023: Shrine to Sea Project update – unfortunately reads like Victoria State Government has piked due to small number residents,”The decision to separate the Kerferd Road protected bike lane design from the Shrine to Sea project will allow for a robust and concentrated engagement process to occur in the future”

Contact Nina Taylor MP and Port Phillip Council councillors to voice your concerns

News includes Climate Council’s new report: Shifting Gears: The Path to Cleaner Personal Transport and media release: Walking And Riding Must Triple To See Genuine Transport Emissions Reduction: Climate Council Report, Melbourne, Merri-bek, Darebin and Yarra local council budget allocations for active transport and Critical Mass: Climate Edition! 5pm, State Library, Friday 26 May 2023

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