Talking about Battery Acid Sound System: on this weeks program Chris chats to Rik Isaksen about his journey around the cycling universe and his Battery Acid Sound System project. We chat about grassroots events, Bike Rave Melbourne, bike sound systems, audio tech, bike trailers, Dom Whiting, Carry Shit Olympics and getting started either carrying stuff and cargobikes (facebook: Melbourne Cargobikes, Cargobikes Australia)

“Last few pics of the current setup before the system is stored away and trailer on loan is returned – this was a realisation of a long term goal, it feels amazing to have a dream come to life” Battery Acid Sound System, Instagram

Local news includes Australia’s biggest city has a car problem. What should Melbourne do to fix it? that overlooks active transport provision and potential, Future Melbourne (City of Melbourne) meeting, that includes Cycling and Micromobility Infrastructure Program (Item 6.3) on the agenda, where you can make a written submission or register to attend. Please do so by Tuesday 10am 23 April 2024 at the previous link.

And not forgetting Critical Mass CBD ride this Friday 26 April 2024, meet 5.30pm for 6pm start, highlighting the good (seperated bike lanes) and bad (still to be built seperated bike lanes) cycling infrastructure

Program music

Shonen Knife, Cycling is fun

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