Like many people, we’re very curious to what Yarra Council is doing in regards to retaining their ‘best cycling city in Australia’ status, as we’ve been repeatedly informed during recent Bicycle Advisory Committee meetings there won’t be a new bike plan completing the previous 2010-2015 strategy but instead it will be replaced by a nebulous-sounding ‘ten year program of works’.

On this weeks 3CR podcast: local resident Elizabeth Long was interviewed about the future of cycling in Yarra in relation to an unsure budget allocation and no new bike strategy after 2015.

Examples of what’s happening elsewhere:

  • City of Melbourne: currently working on new Draft Bicycle Plan
  • Darebin City Council: Cycling Strategy 2013-2018
  • Moreland City Council: Bicycle Strategy 2011-2021
  • Victorian state government: currently reviewing Victoria’s cycling strategy

So if you’re also curious about what’s occuring, please ensure you have feedback to the Yarra Council budget forum.

The forum closes on Friday 27 November 2015 so make your feedback now.

Here’s a handy link to Yarra councillors if you want to contact them with your concerns.

Things to consider when adding feedback:

  1. Why a bicycle strategy is needed – an ad hoc approach via a general program of works is simply not a strategy, vision or plan,
  2. Cycling investment is a long term investment in public health, safety, liveability and reducing congestion,
  3. A lack of a bicycle strategy is a lack of responsibility of council to it’s residents, neighbouring councils and stakeholders,
  4. Cycling is a major component of Yarra Councils overall goals, be that Liveable Yarra, working groups and local transport.