Sarah at 3CR Listen up: here’s our 3CR Community Radio summer podcasts with Sarah Imm from Sydneys Velo-a-Porter talking about city cycling, staying stylish, e-bikes, riding with kids, with a fine musicial selection from Charlie Parker & Duke Ellington as our soundtrack.

You can also listen via our website, 3CR on demand or iTunes

The podcasts

1. First up: all about cycling with kids, what you need to get started, tips, what type of bike and the fun riding with your family.

2. Curious about riding e-bikes? Listen to Sarah chat with Paul van Bellen from Gazelle Bicycles Australia, plus some very chill Charlie Parker tunes

3. Stylish cycling: this podcast is all about how men can easily cycle to work, study or leisure and still remain stylish. Sarah and Troy share their cycling fashion tips, clothing choices and how to easily ride about town.