Spoke the Movie: three young commuter cyclists set out to bike from San Francisco to Orlando

What is wrong with bicycle advocacy in Australia & Em Baker interviewed about Spoke the Movie: on this weeks show Chris and Steve tackle what’s wrong with bicycle advocacy and come to a basic conclusion that more critical thinking & first principles are required to pull us out of the current negative environment.

We interview Em Baker, director of Spoke the Movie about riding over 3000kms across the United States, where crash victims, urban planners, activists and law enforcement were interviewed to investigate what makes the U.S the most dangerous developed country for cyclists.  Spoke the Movie will be screening alongside a Q and A session with Fairfax journalist David Escourt on 10 April at Testing Grounds with Projector Bike, tickets are selling fast, so make sure you order yours here.

We finish up with a quick reminder about submissions for Road Safety Road Rules 2009 (Overtaking Bicycles) Bill 2015 that close on Friday 1st April.