Warm Showers – cyclists and the sharing economy: its a fine late autumn morning as Val and Faith are joined in the studio by Rowan Faltyn and Val’s particularly persistent head cold. We kick off the show sharing our bike moments and some news including the upcoming 3CR Radiothon, the end of Bicycle Network’s Ride On Magazine and Tom Doumoulin’s win in the 2017 Giro D’Italia. 

Talk turns to the community of cyclists using Warm Showers a site based on reciprocal hospitality for cycling tourists. Rowan has both hosted cyclists and been a guest in Tasmania and Europe and we discuss the ways in which this model works particularly well for cyclists travelling the world and their hosts as well as it’s old school origins in the 70s.

We finish up with some upcoming events including Newbie Night at Melbourne Bike Polo on Wednesday and this Sunday’s Wrenchworthy Workshop in Thornbury. And of course there is a reminder or two about this year’s Radiothon. If you’d like to keep independent media like 3CR and the Yarra BUG Radio Show on the air then please donate at 3cr.org.au and mention the Yarra BUG Radio Show in the comments box. We’ll be thanking everyone who donates live on-air on Monday June 12th with special guest Sarah Hammond.