Brick Safety: it's everyone else's business

Brick Safety: it’s everyone else’s business

How the Dutch got their cycling infrastructure + Vision Zero principles: on this weeks show, Chris tackles diverse topics such as dot watching, Mike Halls last ride from Harrogate to Wales, 2017 Trans Am Bike Race and all-important brick safety.

If you think road rage is an entirely modern concept, listen to Goofy transform from Mr Walker to Mr Wheeler from 1950! This weeks two features are courtesy of Bicycle Dutch with How the Dutch got their cycle paths (2011) and Systematic Safety: The Principles Behind Vision Zero (2017). Read here for Bicycle Dutch long-read and additional presentations from Peter Furth.

Local news includes Darebin Council Rushall Station footbridge update, especially if you’ve been avoiding the area for the last three months, with both the footbridge and intersection of Walker & McLachlan Streets in Northcote finally reopening.

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