E-bike Q & A, Darebin Loves Bikes 3: this weeks program is the third of Yarra Bicycle Users Group Radio summer specials that recorded the E-bike Q & A by Darebin Loves Bikes held on 3 December 2023 at Preston Library.

The E-bike Q & A by Darebin Loves Bikes summer special over the next three weeks on 3CR is for anyone tempted to delve into e-bikes but unsure where to begin. Expert panellists and local e-bike riders answer questions, you can gain insights into the affordability of e-bikes, listen to various options for carrying kids, shopping, and pets, and even learn about the possibility of converting your existing bike. Find out how to charge an e-bike effectively and discover just how far you can go on a single charge and more. 


  • Thijs van der Heijden, Sparque, Technical advisor, best e-bike for you, e-bike models, leases, test riding, road rules, charging, security,
  • Nell Sudano, Consultant, Technical advisor, e-bike conversions, affordable e-bikes, getting into riding, everyday bike skills, charging , road rules, security,
  • Jack Comte, 99 Bikes Preston, Technical advisor, best e-bike for you, e-bike models, charging, security,
  • Mike McEvoy and Deanne Jones, Reservoir riders and climate activists, riding with families, commuter riding, personal climate action

Questions & Answers + time points:

3:55, E-bike maintenance, hub drive, mid drive, how can you prevent theft?

9:50, Is it cheating? Will I lose fitness if I’m currently using a manual bike?

15:45, Questions about purchasing or renting a e-bike, what should people know, e-bike and general bike law questions

23:00, Public questions, heat, weather impact on batteries, closing comments

Thank you to Heidi Marfurt, Katy Daily, Kira Whitaker, Cr Susan Rennie, Christine Banks, Ian Singleton, Ed Smart, Sam Black, Darebin Libraries and Darebin Council

Program music

Shonen Knife, Cycling is fun

Tycho, Dive