Catch up on news from the summer break: Val and Faith are back in the studio for 2024 and kick things off with a catch up on some of the local news over the summer break.

We start by sharing our bike moments and for both of us they seem to resolve around red traffic lights and those magic moments when they turn green! 

Over the weekend a solidarity ride for the Gaza Sunbirds was organised by An Other Collective in Melbourne and Sydney as part of a world wide show of support. You can find out more about the Gaza Sunbirds at their website and donate to support their actions in Gaza providing aid.

Darebin Council is holding a special meeting on Monday to consider a recision motion on some safety improvements for Soth Crescent and Newcastle Streets in Darebin. Take a look at the Streets Alive Darebin page for all the background on this and updated information on the original motion and the recision motion. 

Southside, in Glen Eira, the LXRP are planning to remove 100+ mature trees to build a protected bike lane. On a wide street with plenty os space for pedestrians, parking, moving vehicles, and protected bike lanes it seems incredible that these trees can’t be saved. Especially when they are so important to those using active transport modes. You can read more on Glen Eira BUG’s Facebook page

And who. could have missed it, but just in case you did, the Walmer Street bridge has re-opened! It has been a sage and much of that saga well documented by Yarra BUG Radio but the bridge is finally done! For now. 

In bad news, the Footscray Road shared path is now indefinietly closed due to the state government’s inability to safely manage truck traffic. What do they do in the rest of the world we wonder? It’s a mystery. 

And from the United States, the War on Cars dive into the horrendous increase in pedestrian fatalities and the uptake of SUVs. 

Two dates to put in your diary for 2024 have already been anounced: Feburary 25th will see a welcome summer edition of the World Naked Bike Ride in Melbourne and Sunday June 30th is set for the next Melburn Roobaix.