Message from Mark Dixon, Bicycle Victoria, also refer to YarraBUG Campaigns for updates


Hi all,
We are holding a small event on the Gipps St steps next Wednesday. Bicycle Victoria and Richard Wynne, Member for Richmond will be handing out juices to morning commuters climbing the steps. The aim is to:

  • thank Richard for his lobbying within government (for recent design funding) and to show support for him to lobby for funds to build the alternative trail,
  • provide the opportunity for cyclists to chat with Richard about the steps and alternatives.
  • celebration of new funds for the removal of the Gipps Street Steps, Wed 14th December 2005: 7.30 to 8.30 am.

P3200019It will be a chance to thank Richard for his recent work in securing funds for the design of an alternative trail. It will also be a great opportunity to let the state government know that without more funding the project cannot go ahead. Show your support for the project by coming along on Wednesday morning, for details visit our Yarra Trail website.

Hope to see you there.


Mark Dixon
Cycling Development – Trails
Bicycle Victoria, Ph 03 8636 8820