We commenced our Walmer Street Bridge Coalition campaign on Sunday 3rd June 2018, the first World Bicycle Day declared by United Nations, to lobby for a new, fit-for-purpose connection built for all users across the Yarra River from Abbotsford to Kew.

The Walmer Street Bridge Coalition consists Yarra and Boroondara Councils, Walmer Street Action Group, Collingwood and Abbotsford Residents Association (CARA), the Yarra and Boroondara Bicycle User Groups.

Here’s what you can do to support our local campaign:

1. Sign the Petition

Petitions are now avaliable online for you to print, sign and return: Walmer Street Bridge Coalition Petition (PDF, 36kb)

Note: all petitions MUST be hard copies with name, address and signature of petitioners. All completed petitions must be returned by 1st August, 2018 to the Walmer Street Bridge Coalition, care of: Richmond Town Hall, 333 Bridge Road, Victoria, 3121. Please feel free contact us if you have any questions about distribution, collection of the petition.

2. Come along to our rally: It’s time to replace Walmer Street Bridge

We need a new bridge, we’ve needed it for more than a decade. The present bridge does not deal safely with the users given it’s been designed for another era. Let’s work together to replace it now so it can deliver safe passage for all users, now and into the future. Please save the date: 10am, Saturday 4th August 2018 and come along to Williams Reserve, 520 Victoria Street Abbotsford to hear from local state politicians about how they will fund the replacement bridge.

3. Download and print a poster

You can download and print copies of our A4 poster to promote the campaign (PDF, 322kb)

4. Add your voice to Imagine the Yarra

You can add feedback to Imagine the Yarra draft broad objectives by 31 July 2018 in support of a new river connection.

5. Attend Metropolitan Transport Forum for Yarra

This a public forum to discuss transport issues before the State election in November. 6.30pm to 8pm, Thursday 2 August, Richmond Town Hall, 333 Bridge Road, Richmond.

Meet the candidates from major parties, hear their policies and ask your questions. Chairperson: Mayor Cr Daniel Nguyen. Speakers include: ALP: Richard Wynne, Greens: Kathleen Maltzahn, Liberal: TBC. Free event, RSVP recommended

Topics for discussion might include: Walmer Street Bridge replacement, DDA tram stops in Richmond (Victoria St, Bridge Rd, Swan St), Need for East-West public transport along Alexandra Parade, Cremorne congestion and access issues, cycling corridors and cycling safety, North East Link project impacts

6. Listen to our 3CR podcast

Building Bridges: talking to Mike Waller about Walmer Street Bridge Coalition campaign (2 July 2018) Mike Waller explains changes to the Salta site, recent history, what’s needed to get a fit for purpose connection between Abbotsford and Kew.

7. Social Media

You can follow the Walmer Street Bridge Campaign on facebook & twitter

Petition text: 

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria.

The Petition of Walmer St bridge users, and as Victorian residents, draws to the attention of the House the following:

The Walmer St bridge, comprising the river and land bridge sections, which is heavily used by pedestrians and bike riders, is narrow, crowded and a hazard to all users.

Its width (1.7 m at its narrowest) is insufficient to cope safely with the heavy utilisation by pedestrians and bike riders, as determined by Boroondara City Council usage counts and a recent safety audit.

The bridge is strategically important as it is a key link in the Principal Bicycle Network and a Bicycle Priority route.

As such, it provides a vital link for the communities of Kew, Richmond, Abbotsford and beyond, providing sustainable and ready access to nearby parkland, transport hubs, businesses and community services.

A new bridge urgently needs to be built across the Yarra River at Walmer Street for the changing needs of the rapidly increasing population of the Abbotsford and Kew areas.

Your Petitioners therefore request that:

To ensure the safety of the rapidly growing number of users, and to avoid potential closure of the bridge, the State Government urgently fund a replacement, with a contemporary design, that meets both current standards and the needs of the growing number of users, in keeping with Melbourne’s reputation as a world class liveable city.